Understand your Microsoft 365 Tenant

tyGraph Pulse is an Office 365 reporting analytics solution that provides a robust and focused set of reports covering key Office 365 workloads including SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams, and Skype. The tyGraph Pulse tool also features Groups information and Licensing Activity.​

tyGraph Pulse provides telemetry-based analytics that are not as deep as our other tyGraph products which provide audit level detail. The purpose of tyGraph Pulse is to provide a broad range of directional signals across the enterprise instead of deep signals into each major workload like the other tyGraph product.  ​

Organizations speak of “Digital Transformation”, but they often have no deterministic way of measuring it. tyGraph’s digital transformation scorecard does just that for Modern Workplace workloads and has become the foundation of many Adoption and Change Management (ACM) strategies. ​

Transformation can also be seen within the Modern Workplace workloads. For example, with the sunset of Skype, many organizations are tracking how Skype usage is declining and Teams usage is increasing. The business decision as to when to completely cut-off Skype can be derived from these reports.

From the macro to micro, it is important to understand which business units are leading the adoption charge and which ones are lagging.  With a few mouse clicks you can also pivot by workload type to better understand for example if some business units are using SharePoint and OneDrive but not Teams. These deep insights will better inform your adoption and training strategies.​

Organizations struggle with knowing who is using what part of their Office 365 license. The license adoption report allows administrators to get a clear picture as to who is using their license to its fullest potential and where there is white space.  ​

Determining who to enroll in which training program to maximize your training budget can be a daunting task.  License adoption allows you to infer high probability candidates to enroll in your training program. For example, if a user is using SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype, it is highly probable that they are a good candidate to Teams training versus a candidate that has only ever used email. ​

Sometimes you just need to see the forest and not the trees.  Your Pulse allows you to understand the telemetry data of all workloads on a single pane of glass.

An extension to the “Your Pulse” report is the user activity report that provides for telemetry data at a user level in graphical format.

Information can be seen on aggregate, by business unit or down to the user level. A handy alphabetical user directory allows you to quickly narrow down your search results.

User License Assignments is an aggregate report that better informs IT administrators about what licenses and product plans have been assigned over a period of time. 

Telemetry data regarding email activity, volume, capacity and applications used. 

Detailed telemetry data regarding Skype activity including the types of tools used during Skype meetings, how many meetings were ad hoc vs scheduled and total meeting duration either on aggregate or at the employee level. 

A very light version of our deeper tyGraph for Teams product, this report provides insights into how Teams is being used in the enterprise. This report will become more like the Skype report as the signals become available from Microsoft.

A lighter version of our tyGraph for Yammer product, this single report provides telemetry data for Reads, Likes and Posts. This report measures 16 signals, whereas the tyGraph for Yammer report measures over 200. 

A lighter version of our tyGraph for SharePoint report, SharePoint Site Activity provides telemetry data for the root sites of your SharePoint online farm (i.e. does not include sub-sites). 

The signals in this report are simply summaries of activity, whereas the signals provided by tyGraph for SharePoint are audit level details.

The complementary report to SharePoint Site Activity, User Activity provides telemetry level data into a user’s activity across the SharePoint Online farm.  This report will provide “how many views”,  whereas the tyGraph for SharePoint report will pinpoint exactly what was viewed in audit level detail.​

A lighter version of tyGraph for OneDrive, this reports provides telemetry data on OneDrive usage across the network. tyGraph for OneDrive provides audit level detail for this type of information. 

Born out of the need to better understand Group proliferation, the Office 365 Groups report provides key telemetry metrics for how and where Groups are being created and the volume of content being added to them over time. 

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