tyGraph Pages gives you deep, near real-time insights into how your SharePoint pages are used.

Complementing tyGraph for SharePoint, tyGraph Pages provides overall insights into Site and Page activity, while allowing you to track Campaigns and increase engagement.

Introducing the tyGraph Pages Web Part

tyGraph Pages comes with a powerful web part that allows you to democratize insights without the encumbrance of Power BI licensing or analytical training. Once installed you can deploy the tyGraph Pages Web Part to any page to show your audience tenant, hub, site, or page statistics in a self-serve format. This utilizes the exact same data model as your analyst team has a detailed view of in Power BI, affording you the reliability of a common data model.

Pages Web Part Benefits

  • No additional Microsoft user licensing required – Users do not require additional Microsoft licensing of any kind to consume these reports.
  • Contextual – Users can view reports in the context of SharePoint rather than leaving to an analytical tool like Power BI
  • Self Serve – Free up your analytics team

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