tyGraph provides deep social analytics for your Yammer network

Purpose-built for Community Managers, Group Admins, and IT Pros

Built with community managers, group admins, and business stakeholders in mind, tyGraph for Yammer brings key measures and metrics to the surface. Our rich visualizations will help you understand the health of your network and the impact of your collaboration efforts. Comes with seven reports that focus on Network, Group, and User engagement. We also include specialized measures to identify Network Influencers and conversations with the most impact.​

Recent Activity provides an overview of All Yammer Groups with the ability to select a custom timeframe for analysis or to select a specific Group set of Groups with the click of a mouse. ​

Influencers is a proprietary algorithm that allows tyGraph to surface those users who are projecting the most influence over the network and are truly your Yammer champions!​

In addition to Yammer Groups, tyGraph comes preconfigured to integrate with your HRIS data as required. Sort and filter by department, region, organizational hierarchy and the like.  The data can be imported either from Azure Active Directory or through a custom HRIS import. ​

The Measure of Active Engagement (MAE) score was derived to fulfill the need to better define what is meant by an “engaged” user. tyGraph measures all relevant signals, aggregates them and scores them over time. ​

When measuring true adoption, it’s critical to measure more than a few signals and it is important to spot trends over time so that you can help support your user community through periods of either decline or growth. ​

Group Activity is packed full of meaningful insights to help a community manager or group leader tell understand what is important in the network. ​

For example, with thousands of messages streaming into your Yammer feed, it’s difficult to know what messages have business value or are making an impact. Thread Impact does just that by surfacing messages with the highest probability of containing business value. 

Group Health allows you to quickly determine the percentage of Groups that are active versus those that have gone stale. Pruning stale Groups has proven to be a key factor in removing the clutter from the network, allowing users to focus on what is active and important. tyGraph provides a one button answer to display Groups with stale messages or zero messages as well as a direct link to the Settings Page of that Group so you can take immediate action. ​

The Network allows users to see the biorhythm of network over time as well as report on users who are simply ‘lurking’ on the network instead of engaging. Healthy networks are built from an engaged community and understanding how users are participating will better inform your communication and training objectives.​

Posts with attachment often have more business value than simply plain text posts. The Content Consumption report was built to help key stakeholders better understand the volume on artifacts that are being posted to Yammer as well as how well they are being consumed. 

Topics or hashtags are used to curate content in Yammer and are often promoted in association with during an event of series of events. Given that hashtags can be used anywhere in the network, it is difficult to aggregate this information in the context of Yammer. Our Topic analysis report brings this together in one simple report that can be sort and pivoted as needed.

Network interactions allows you to see how people are really interacting with each other both in terms of connectivity and network volume.  Healthy networks show strong correlations and lots of crossover patterns. Islands of users can sometimes mean users are orphaned from participation or that they are simply participating according to their charter. Your understanding of context combined with this rich visualization will allow you to gain deep insights into your network. ​

tyGraph leverages Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Machine Learning algorithms to score sentiment on a per message basis. We aggregate those scores and plot them over time for you to better understand trendlines within your network. The messages are scored on a polarity basis with 0 being the most negative, 1 being the most positive and 0.5 is neutral.  Again, context is critical: tyGraph can provide the empirical evidence regarding what is happening, but corporate context will help you understand why it is happening.

Need to know what’s trending in your Network –Thread Watch is your one pane of glass to know what messages are receiving the community’s attention in the past 24 hours. ​

Conversely, unanswered threads can be the death of many networks. Users seeking information and getting no response will likely disappear in short order. Understanding what has gone unanswered and responding to it quickly can inject health into a network that may otherwise go stale. ​

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