tyGraph for Teams provides rich, meaningful reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams.

Get tyGraph for Teams to better understand usage and adoption patterns of Teams in your Enterprise.

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business App in Microsoft history and Enterprises who have deployed Teams are now struggling to keep up with this rapid adoption phenomenon.  

These organizations need help with understanding where adoption has happened and how they can best support their user community.

tyGraph for Teams provides rich and meaningful reporting and analytics, allowing leadership to take immediate evidence-based action to maximize their ROI from their investments.

tyGraph gives visibility into Teams and Channel activity, member interactions, external users and even sentiment tracking. All Teams data can be augmented with signals from HRIS such as role, region and organizational structure for deeper insights into organizational usage patterns.

Customers who subscribe to tyGraph Enterprise will gain the added benefit of signals from other Office 365 workloads like Skype, Yammer, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and more.

Recent Activity provides an overview of All Teams and Channels with the ability to select a custom timeframe for analysis or to select a specific Team or Channel with the click of a mouse. ​

In addition to Teams and Channels, tyGraph for Teams comes preconfigured to integrate with your HRIS data as required. Sort and filter by department, region, organizational hierarchy and the like. The data can be imported either from Azure Active Directory or through a custom HRIS import.

See what Teams are moving the needle in your network. Team Activity provides telemetry data across all Teams and Channels as well as Teams with trending threads and message activity across Teams.

The Measure of Active Engagement or MAE score provides a snapshot composite metric allowing you to home in on Teams with the most activity in your network. Immediately see the most engaged users, the most @ mentioned users as well as the Team Owners for that Team.  By sorting the MAE score from most active to least active, you will highlight the Teams with no activity and identify Teams that are eligible for deletion.​

Tab counts displays both the name of the Tab and the underlying artifact that it the Tab is connected to.

Member Interactions provides a heatmap for how users are interacting with each other –or not. We also track interactions by channel over time in a player format. This allows you to see how channels eb and flow in activity throughout the chosen analysis time slice. ​

Network interactions allows you to see how people are really interacting with each other both in terms of connectivity and network volume.  Healthy networks show strong correlations and lots of crossover patterns. Islands of users can sometimes mean users are orphaned from participation or that they are simply participating according to their charter. Your understanding of context combined with this rich visualization will allow you to gain deep insights into your network. 

tyGraph leverages Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Machine Learning algorithms to score sentiment on a per message basis. We aggregate those scores and plot them over time for you to better understand trendlines within your network. The messages are scored on a polarity basis with 0 being the most negative, 1 being the most positive and 0.5 is neutral.  Again, context is critical: tyGraph can provide the empirical evidence regarding what is happening, but corporate context will help you understand why it is happening. 

For customers who subscribe to tyGraph Enterprise, we provide deep insights into file usage for Modern Groups connected to Teams. Now you can understand both collaboration activity as well as SharePoint based file activity. See tyGraph for SharePoint to learn more about these capabilities. ​

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