tyGraph for SharePoint provides comprehensive inventory and usage analytics across all SharePoint sites in the organization, both modern and classic.

Site Collection Overview provides overall insights for the entire SharePoint online farm. tyGraph provides insights into traditional SharePoint Teams Sites as well as Modern Sites. tyGraph also provides insights into Connected Groups such as those connected to Teams or Yammer. ​

In addition to Site Collections, Sites and other SharePoint artifacts, tyGraph for SharePoint comes preconfigured to integrate with your HRIS data as required. Sort and filter by department, region, organizational hierarchy and the like.  The data can be imported either from Azure Active Directory or through a custom HRIS import. ​

This report serves as the launch point that allows users to drill through into a Sites and even down to the file level as shown on the following screens. 

Drilling from the Site Collection to the Subsite allows users to quickly understand how sites are being used. Audit level activities are being tracked by tyGraph including over 100 Activity Types available from the Microsoft Graph audit buckets. tyGraph provides both the inventory and activity for all interactions with SharePoint Online.  

People are great at adding content to SharePoint but terrible at removing old and stale content. The main reason is identifying what is old and stale. Site Health allows users to quickly identify sites with no activity in say 1 year and then a link to reach out to the site owner for action.  Clean sites make for happy users and tyGraph provides the tools to get you there.   

Users begin Sync’ing their drives with SharePoint sites only to learn that their local drives are being filled with portal content. The natural behavior for the untrained user is to delete the content from their drive, but often times this means the content is being deleted from the source SharePoint container.

tyGraph Sync Activity report was designed for this specific reason. It quickly identifies who has started sync’ing to SharePoint allowing for education and training materials to be sent to those users thereby preventing costly data restores. ​

Files are classified into their categories for analysis –Documents, Images and the like.  tyGraph allows users to drill further into the types of documents being used (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and so on).  

Understanding how SharePoint is being used better informs your governance and adoption strategies. 

External sharing is both liberating and scary for most corporations. tyGraph provides a set of guardrails allow stakeholders to monitor External sharing activities, identify any concerns and target specific users for training and education. 

Group Proliferation was been a concern for many of our customers.  Getting an understanding of how Modern Sites are growing and what they are being used for is a good start. 

Knowing where SharePoint is being used is sometimes as important as how it is being used.  Based on the users AAD geographic information, tyGraph can map usage patterns across geographies allowing global enterprises to better understand usage and adoption patterns. 

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