tyGraph for OneDrive provides comprehensive analytics to inform your adoption and governance stakeholders on adoption patterns, sync status and external sharing activities.

Many organizations are justifiably concerned with opening external sharing regardless of the friction free collaboration opportunities it affords. Having a Sharing Report informs key stakeholders on what is being shared and by whom as well as who is consuming this information. Keep on top of your sharing activities with tyGraph for OneDrive.

Issues with Sync clients not working?  Get informed on what clients are syncing and how many days since the last sync. Understand which users may be having sync issues with the OneDrive Sync Report.

OneDrive Overview takes the mystery out of activity levels across all OneDrives or by select OneDrives. Sort and pivot by key metrics.

Deep insights into file storage volume and patterns.

Know not only what and how much is being stored, but know what content is active and what content is stale.

IT departments struggle with knowing if users are having trouble syncing their data. Though we can’t tell you if a user’s client is broken, we can do the next best thing by reporting the last successful sync and the number of days since the last sync for each user.

Understanding who is sharing what content will inform your team on who is effectively sharing content both internally and externally.

Want to use External sharing, but you’re concerned about what users might share? Get a comprehensive report on absolutely every sharing activity including who the content was shared with and who consumed that content.

Driven by your HRIS data integrated via Azure Active Director or you HRIS source of record, tyGraph provides a geographic breakdown of usage patterns.

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