Test Drive with Demonstration Data

The fastest way to see what tyGraph is all about is to use tyGraph Online with demonstration data. To do so, log in to tyGraph Online with your Work or School account.

All of our Office 365 reporting and analytics solutions are listed in the report menu. It’s completely free. You will need to sign in with your Work or School account, and grant tyGraph access to read your profile.

Already using Power BI?

If you have Power BI and would like to try tyGraph products in your own tenant with demonstration data, you can use one of our tyGraph Power BI Template Apps. You can install them by selecting “Get Data” and then “Services” in the Power BI application, or by going directly to Microsoft’s AppSource and choosing the product you’re interested in.

This will install tyGraph with demonstration data in your Power BI tenant. It can later be connected to your data should you choose to subscribe.

Below is a comprehensive video on how to set up a test drive of tyGraph in your Power BI environment.

To connect your own data, you will need an active tyGraph account. Reach out using the form below to discuss your options.


tyGraph Solutions – Customer Sign Up

New and existing customers can sign up for our tyGraph solutions below.
Please note: you must be a Microsoft 365 tenant administrator, or a Yammer verified admin depending on the product.

You must first authorize tyGraph to collect the data for the relevant product by clicking the link below, and selecting the product. You will then log into YOUR Microsoft 365 tenant, where you will be able to authorize the relevant products.

Request a Demo

Not an Admin or need a little more to go on? Do you want to keep all of your data in your own tenant? We would be happy to schedule a live demo of any of our tyGraph solutions or talk to you about deployment options.

Please fill in your contact information below and we’ll be in touch. If you prefer to call us, feel free at +1 855-288-1877.

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