How does UnlimitedViz secure their customer’s data?

  • All UnlimitedViz software runs in the Microsoft Azure datacenter environment, the same center as your existing Yammer network.
  • All data is securely stored by Microsoft in properly managed SQL databases. This environment has a high degree of security and compliance with international standards.
  • Every customer is provided their own database to ensure that all data is physically separated thus ensuring that cross contamination of customer data can never happen.
  • All data communications, both internal and external are across SSL connections.

How is data collected?

  • Data is collected by connecting to the Yammer Rest API endpoints through an SSL connection.  The data is transposed and written into a data warehouse.
  • All Private Messages that are provided by default in the Yammer Export are obfuscated through SQL views that feed the data model & dashboards. No direct access to the database is provided.
  • tyGraph ships in 2 modes –Private Masked and Full View. In the Private Masked version, all private content is masked including message content and file names as well as the name of the group. In Full View, private group messages and file names are displayed. Direct messages always remain obfuscated.

How is data backed-up?

  • Data is backed-up according to Microsoft Azure’s back-up routines.  In the unlikely event of a major catastrophe the data can be re-harvested with very little risk of data loss.

Will UnlimitedViz have access to my company’s data?

  • We require access to install and configure the environment and for ongoing support. Ongoing support means monitoring of the harvesting engine to ensure the data warehouse continues to be populated on a nightly schedule.  We do not access message content except in the context of helping a customer with their dashboard.
  • UnlimitedViz will sometimes create custom dashboards for the customer. Data access is limited to ensuring these dashboards are producing accurate results and that data security has been properly applied to the dashboards.

Will UnlimitedViz have access to, or be processing, the customer’s sensitive information?

  • tyGraph is a solution that gathers metrics on Yammer Data.  To gather these metrics, the corpus of the Yammer content is harvested from the network and stored in a proper data warehouse.