New Research Points to the Strategic Value of Hybrid SharePoint


We recently had the opportunity to play a role in some amazing research led by Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) and the team from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. Our CTO, John White, helped the team understand the survey data through some awesome Power BI reports. As a sponsor, we got early access to the team’s findings. Here is one of the statistics that hit me dead center:

“According to the recent CollabTalk/BYU study, the ecosystem is projected to grow by $1.4 billion in the next 3 years, and the primary environment running SharePoint will be hybrid.”

Yikes. That is a big number. I think that means opportunities for folks like us, Microsoft partners. But it also signals that folks in the IT Pro ranks can view hybrid as Christian wrote in his recent blog, “a competitive advantage.”

If you are interested in getting the research paper, you can download it here:

John (@diverdown1964), President Ed Senez (@edsenez) and I will be participating in a #CollabTalk tweetjam tomorrow, April 25th, that focuses on “Hybrid SharePoint as a Strategy” and will be joined by a ton of Microsoft thinkers and practitioners. It will be held at 9AM Pacific on Twitter. If you want to participate, I find it easiest to go to the twubs site at:

SharePoint Analytics O365

One more thought. Even though we focus on Yammer and O365 analytics and now Office 365 Groups, why the interest in SharePoint? Well, in short, our heritage is SharePoint and I believe that SharePoint services are key to the workloads we care about most. Hope to see you on the tweetjam!

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