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A classification assigned to any unique user who has had activity that would generate a MAE value. This is time sliceable, meaning that it is possible for a user who is no longer part of the organization to be listed as an engaged member if your timeframe includes dates when they were active in the company. Conversely, members who have not been active for selected time period will not be listed as engaged. This is common when very narrow time frame filters are used such as previous day, or rolling 7 day filters. For this reason the analyst should be aware that broad date ranges will inflate this number by providing a large window for a user to have generated engagement on the network. Our reccomended best practice is to decide on set reporting time period for comparisons over time. Example: Evaluating Engaged members for Jan 2017 vs Feb 2017. Another example would be analyzing the number of engaged members for the prevous 12 months using the rolling 12 month filter. See MAE Score for a complete list of Yammer actions that generate a MAE value.