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How to Refresh a Power BI Dataset

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This applies to any product deployed in the Power BI service. Please sign in with your Office 365 login to to follow this guide. You will need to have access to the workspace to follow these steps.

Finding Your Workspace

Workspaces are logical containers for datasets/reports/dashboards. You can find the workspace by:

  • Navigating from an App.
  • Searching in the workspaces menu.
  1. Go to the Apps page. Located on the left menu.
  2. Hover over the app and click Pencil Icon

Search for Workspace

  1. Click Workspaces item on left menu
  2. Search for Workspace Name (it will be the same as the app)
  3. Click Workspace name

Enabling Automatic Refresh

  1. Select workspace
  2. Click datasets
  3. Select “Schedule Refresh”
  1. Open the scheduled refresh menu
  2. Turn “keep your data up to date” to “On”
  3. Click apply.
  4. Go back to the workspace menu
  1. Select datasets header again
  2. Click “Refresh Now”

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