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Access and Insights #1 – tyGraph Essentials

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tyGraph is a very flexible tool but this can muddy the waters if you’re a new user. In this article, we cover the absolute basics of the tyGraph Ecosystem including Access, Documentation, and Support

What is tyGraph?

Sometimes its helpful to understand what tyGraph is before we begin. tyGraph is an engine that provides deep insights on an suite of Office 365 Tools. We collect your organizations data from a variety of sources and perform extensive processing to organize it into insightful reports. We use Microsoft Power BI as our user interface. The reports you will see leverage Power BI backed on our tyGraph data-model.


We deliver reports in a combination of places to be flexible to your needs set our by your organization. Most users will access our reports in one or a combination of the following environments:

  • tyGraph Online
  • Power BI Service
  • Power BI Desktop

Your organization will tell you your access avenue. If you are unsure of where to access your reports please contact us at

tyGraph Online

tyGraph Online is our web application that allows users from across your organization to access tyGraph reports of your choice. This typically includes our Data Dictionary but can be scaled up to include Benchmarking, and other reports. 

Setting up your organization can be easy. We need a Tenant Admin to grant consent to our app by signing-in ( tyGraph Online requires the basic profile information of your office login so that we can identify users from your organization.

Power BI Service

The most popular deployment for analysts because it affords you the ability to edit reports and can be deployed with nothing more than a Power BI free license.

In cases where the admin and a few analysts have Power BI Pro Licenses it is often advantageous to install our template app and then add your analysts to the App Workspace so you can collaborate on reports in the same area.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is really made for designing reports not using them. We strongly encourage that you do not use your reports in the desktop as you cannot schedule refreshes in the Power BI desktop nor can you connect back to our servers if you are using our SaaS offering.


tyGraph has a ton of features, but don’t let that intimidate you. We have a range of material to help you understand exactly what is happening in any tyGraph tool. This includes:

  • Help Tips
  • FAQ Pages
  • The Data Dictionary
  • Website Articles

Help Tips

These are little icons at the top of every visual. To get them to appear, hover over the visual of interest and then hover over the question mark (?) icon that will have appeared in the header.

In these help tips we will either explain what the visual does, important information about key measures used in the visual, or give recommendations for how to use that report element.

FAQ Page

If you have general questions and don’t find them answered for your visual then check out the FAQ Page. (last tab of your report)

You can navigate to the FAQ page by selecting the question mark in the top right corner of any report page. Or by clicking the tab directly.

The Data Dictionary

This is a report in our Web App tyGraph Online ( This report offers a searchable database of every term, every calculation in the tyGraph product suite.

If your company has authorized tyGraph Online you will be able to see this in your report drop down. If you are able to authorize tyGraph Online but don’t have reports you will be bounced to our trial area tyGraph Test Drive ( From that web page you can open the “Demos – Pricing – Try tyGraph – Data Dictionary” report. The Data Dictionary is on the last page.

Website Articles

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already found one article! Check out our Support Page or the FAQs page for related content.


We offer a two support avenues. Our support email ( and the tyGraph Customer Network.

Support Email

Please feel free to reach us at This is the primary support avenue for users in tyGraph Online. We also provide a webform at the bottom of our support web page (

tyGraph Customer Network

This is a Yammer Network with a private group for your organization. We normally open this up to admins or analysts in your organization to have a direct line to the tyGraph Team.

Feel free to post your questions in those Yammer groups or engage with the tyGraph community in the All Network group.

If you are a customer and are having trouble joining the network, please reach out to us at our support email and we’ll work to get you added!

There are a number of surfaces you can access your data from. Your role, access level, or requirement will determine which ones you use.

If you haven’t installed tyGraph then there’s no need to worry about the deployment scenarios. Rather you will be instructed to either access in the Power BI Service or in tyGraph Online.


We hope this article clarifies how you can access Documentation, Support, and Data. With this foundational knowledge we encourage you to explore our second level articles below.

Follow Up Articles

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Product Breakouts

  • tyGraph for Teams
  • tyGraph for Yammer
  • tyGraph for SharePoint
  • tyGraph for OneDrive
  • tyGraph Pulse
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