Twitter analytics you can use


Get more insights from Twitter


Is your event or campaign trending?

Twitter is a powerful tool, but getting insights about your events and campaigns requires a solution purpose-built to deliver results. That is where tyGraph for Twitter can help. We’ve created an analytics tool for Twitter based on what marketers want to focus on. Reports are based on your event or campaign’s hashtag.

Start with the critical measures

Take the top view of your campaign. For example, you’ll have ready access to:

  • Your reach
  • Number of impressions
  • Sentiment score
  • Top tweets, top tweeters and recent retweets.

Then go deep with more analytics

We’ve packed a lot of actionable data into the tyGraph for Twitter hashtag analytics and reporting tool.

  • Understand topics and mentions visually
  • Leaderboards give you a geographic display of your Top Tweeters and Retweeters.
  • The Network Diagram shows level of interaction based on light and heavy connecting lines to the participating tweeters.
  • The Impact Assessment report provides time sliceable impressions and sentiment analysis.
  • The Word Cloud report helps you focus on top mentioned words and you can analyze by “who was mentioned” and “tweeter”.

 Try tyGraph for Twitter

If you are interested in trying tyGraph for Twitter, free of charge, click on the link below and let us know how to contact you so we can set up your trial.


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