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We’re having some great internal discussions around the initial data from our Groups Survey (which you can take here). While I wouldn’t say that there are any huge surprises, it is always interesting to examine these kinds of results and validate your own thoughts. As I mentioned in my blog post a couple of weeks back, there is a lot of movement and discussion around Office 365 Groups from within the community, and so the tyGraph team thought that we would capture feedback through a quick pulse survey on whether or not Groups are impacting customer organizations.

Not surprising, most people who responded to our survey are using Groups. There’s nothing scientific about this percentage — most people who are going to read a blog post on Groups and respond to a survey are more likely than not going to be using them, but it’s a useful data point, regardless.

Where the data begins to get interesting is when you ask people about Groups management issues. People are passionate about management and provisioning topics of anything to do with SharePoint, because historically, many of the capabilities we have as admins has been hard-fought through many versions of the platform. The release of a major architectural feature like Groups not to have the same level of administrative control and management as other features can be the root of much angst in IT Pro circles. To be clear, we are big believers in Groups, I am just reporting on the angst factor. The results of our small survey show that the vast majority of customers using Groups are not closely managing Groups creation — which will likely lead to frustration down the line.

Is Groups the “wild west” of the SharePoint and Office 365 world? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please take our anonymous survey and share what you think. We will share the full results later this week.

And if you’re interested in talking more on this topic, be sure to join the CollabTalk TweetJam taking place tomorrow, February 28th at 9am PST (sponsored by us here at tyGraph) which will be focusing entirely on the topic of the organizational impact of Office 365 Groups. If you’re unfamiliar with CollabTalk, this is a fantastic community tool put together each month by SharePoint MVP and friend-of-tyGraph Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet). This guy knows his stuff and always puts on an engaging TweetJam. You can follow the conversation via Twitter and the #CollabTalk hashtag or participate using his community site at

Hope you can join the discussion!


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