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  • Notifications in Microsoft Teams: Understanding Your Options
    Part of being productive is knowing what you need to know, when you need to know it. Microsoft Teams has a healthy list of notifications to help you with that, but the options can be overwhelming. In this blog, I’ll break down those options so you can see what makes ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-03-28By Dean Swann
  • The Road Ahead for SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI Report Server
    Power BI has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years as the “place to be” for Microsoft business intelligence. Power BI is of course Microsoft’s cloud platform for dashboarding and reporting. On premises, Microsoft’s reporting platform has traditionally been SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and is ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-03-20By John White
  • Using the Command Line in Microsoft Teams
    “Once you know what you are doing, productivity becomes your one true competitive advantage.” David Allen, the Getting Things Done guy said that. For our purposes, I am going to assume you know what you want to get done. My purpose here is to talk about productivity shortcuts coming out ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-03-12By Dean Swann
  • Five Tips for Using Microsoft Teams
    I work for a software company and we took the plunge with Microsoft Teams as an experiment to better understand what the platform had to offer (we create reporting and analytics solutions). Since that day, some nine months ago, we have settled in as daily users, leveraging Teams as our ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-02-09By Dean Swann
  • Using Power BI to Report on Person Fields in SharePoint
    This post is the second in a series exploring Power BI and complex data types in SharePoint. The first post explores working with multi-value columns. In this one, we’ll explore some of the nuances of working with person fields Person fields in SharePoint are just a special case of the ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-01-30By John White
  • Using Power BI to Report on Multi-Value SharePoint Fields
    Power BI has direct support for reporting on SharePoint lists and documents whether SharePoint is on-premises or in the cloud. Getting at your data is relatively straightforward if you know the URL, but as I’ve written about before, SharePoint data can be idiosyncratic. Text and number fields work right away, ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-01-24By John White
  • Libraries, Lynda, LinkedIn and Learning
    As I sat in a We Work Unbound session this past Friday, I got some knowledge dropped on me that was so intriguing, I woke up early on Saturday morning and drove to my local library so I could get my check-out privileges back. Here it is. If you ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2017-12-20By Dean Swann
  • Yammer Meetup: Recap from Minneapolis
    As the snow fell, I knew it might impact folk’s ability to get downtown Minneapolis for our Yammer meetup. The first snow of the season can throw a “hard no” into your desire to drive anywhere. Cortana might as well said, “Estimated time to your destination is…never.” While I am ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2017-12-18By Dean Swann
  • Using Power BI for Facebook Location Tracking
    Three years ago I wrote an article about how to map your Facebook check in in Excel using Power Query and Power View. Given that Power View has gone the way of the Dodo for all intents and purposes, I have been meaning to rewrite it using Power BI to ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2017-11-29By John White
  • When Business and IT Collaborate Instead of Collide
    She stood watching over the IT guy’s shoulder as he made the final switch to throw them from Basic Yammer to Enterprise. As the slider choice took hold, Becky Benishek (@bbenishek) took the steps back upstairs to her office two at a time to see for herself that nothing was ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2017-10-26By Dean Swann
  • Get Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store
    If you’re a Power BI Desktop user, you are likely familiar with the monthly update cadence. Once per month, a new Power BI Desktop is released, and normally it contains at least one new feature that you WILL want to use. In case you miss it, a little indicator will ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2017-10-12By John White
  • Key Office 365 Reporting Announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2017
    Lots to like coming out of the announcements on Office 365 Reporting last week in beautiful, warm Orlando. There is a little something for everyone with the importance of signals being recognized. What I heard: customers and partners want better data and critically, more accessible data. Here are a few ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2017-10-06By Dean Swann
  • OneDrive is Ready – It’s Seriously Time to Ditch the X: Drive
    If you are in information worker of any sort, and have been at it for any more than a couple of years, you’ve experienced it – the X: drive. Or the S: drive, P, R, whatever the letter. It’s the drive letter that is mapped to a network based file ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2017-09-29By John White
  • Understanding the Power BI Capacity Based SKUs
    Power BI licensing has changed again. This week at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft introduced a new capacity based SKU for Power BI Embedded, intended for ISVs and developers: The A SKU. This brings the number of capacity based SKUs to 3, with each category having numerous sub categories. This means that ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2017-09-26By John White
  • SharePoint and the New SSRS/PBIRS Native Mode Report Viewer Web Part
    When SQL Server 2016 was released, I wrote a post that covered how to integrate SharePoint 2016 with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in native mode. I wrote that post because although SSRS was still available in SharePoint Integrated Mode, many of the new features were only in Native ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2017-09-22By John White