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  • Connecting Power BI workspaces and SharePoint sites
    Power BI V2 workspaces recently (May 2019) entered into general availability. The biggest difference between a V1 and V2 Power BI workspace is the fact that a V2 workspace is not backed by an Office 365 group, and a V1 workspace is. One area that this change affects a great ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2019-06-07By John White
  • Connect to Power BI dataflows and datasets using Power BI Desktop with multiple accounts
    Power BI datasets and dataflows are the two native data sources for Power BI reports. Connecting to a datasets allows a report to be built against an existing Power BI dataset in place, and dataflows represent a source of data that has had transformations applied to it. When connecting to ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2019-06-04By John White
  • Creating complex real-time dashboards with Power BI
    If you are new to Power BI, or if you’ve worked with Power BI Desktop, you’re familiar with the concept of refreshing data. By default, Power BI caches data which needs to be refreshed on a periodic basis. Reports that use Direct Query datasets do not need to have their ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2019-05-29By John White
  • Using Microsoft Graph Data Connect with Power BI Dataflows
    Microsoft Graph data connect (GDC) is a connector technology that allows an organization to extract data in bulk from the Microsoft Graph. Using Azure Data ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2019-05-07By John White
  • Five Can’t Miss Yammer Sessions at The SharePoint Conference
    In just under a month, I’ll be in Las Vegas attending The SharePoint Conference. In its second year back, the show continues to add valuable content for SharePoint folks but that is in no way its sole purpose. Attendees will have plenty of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Yammer sessions (and ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2019-04-24By Dean Swann
  • Using Power BI to Report on Location Columns in SharePoint
    At the end of 2018, SharePoint received something that we haven’t seen for a long time – a new column type, Location. Location columns will look up an address and geocode it as it is being entered in a form. It will also separate all the constituent parts of the address ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2019-01-15By John White
  • Get the most out of Power Query in Power BI Dataflows
    Power BI dataflows are the first place that many users will encounter the new Power Query web based interface. Until now Power Query has been restricted to Power BI Desktop and Excel. This new web interface is, well, new, and it doesn’t contain all of the capabilities of the ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-11-16By John White
  • Use Power BI dataflows to warehouse SharePoint list data
    Reporting on SharePoint data has been a requirement for a long time, and there have been many approaches to fulfill this need. Custom web parts, Data View web parts and SSRS direct connected reports have historically been some of the solutions, but they all suffer from the same problem. ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-11-15By John White
  • Learn Five Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams
    We’ve all been there. You’re on a Teams call and an otherwise sweet, normal colleague (or partner or child) starts up a chainsaw behind you. Or a rant. You lunge for the mouse and frantically look for the mute button! Somehow, you can’t seem to get there fast enough, or ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-11-12By Dean Swann
  • Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2019
    The recent availability of the SharePoint 2019 public preview, and the supporting information that accompanies it has clarified the status of Business Intelligence features in SharePoint 2019. This release, with one exception, is the culmination of the process of decoupling BI from SharePoint which began in SharePoint 2016 through the ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-08-02By John White
  • Using Excel Files with Power BI Desktop and SharePoint
    As discussed in a previous post, Working with Excel Files in the Power BI Service, Excel and Power BI have a rich, complex relationship. Power BI Desktop is the primary design tool for Power BI, and it has many feature overlaps with Excel as an analytic tool. Excel can be ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-07-31By John White
  • Working with Excel files in the Power BI Service
    Power BI has been able to work with Excel files since it was first introduced. Indeed, it was born from the analytic capabilities in Excel. Users can connect directly to Excel files by using the Power BI service and nothing but a browser. However, depending on the content of the ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-07-20By John White
  • Yammer and SharePoint: Evolving Together
    I am just back from a wildly successful SharePoint Conference North America held last week in sunny Vegas and I’d like to report some news on the Yammer and SharePoint front in case you missed it. While I was bummed at the length of the barbecue line at the B-52s ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-05-31By Dean Swann
  • Microsoft Teams: A Review of What’s New for April 2018
    April saw a handful of new features released for Microsoft Teams. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at the uses for four of them and add a brief mention of the others. First: two ways to get to “What’s New” In my blog on the command box, I mentioned ... read more
    Source: Swann DivePublished on 2018-05-02By Dean Swann
  • Using Power BI to Report on Lookup Fields in SharePoint
    This post is the sixth and final post in a series exploring Power BI and complex data types in SharePoint. This post examines the various options in Power BI for working with lookup fields. The previous posts are: Using Power BI to Report on Multi-Value SharePoint Fields Using Power ... read more
    Source: The White PagesPublished on 2018-04-18By John White